Environmental Permits and Audits

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3)

• Surface Water Quality Management • Groundwater Quality Management • Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3) are designed to prevent violations of surface water quality, groundwater quality, and sediment management standards and prevent adverse impacts to receiving water by controlling peak rates and volumes of storm water runoff. SWP3s typically aim to implement and maintain best management practices (BMPs) that identify, eliminate, prevent, and/or reduce the discharge of storm water pollutants. 

RME Safety and Environmental, LLC (RME) can facilitate compliance with state and federal requirements for both industrial and construction operations. RME SWP3 services include:

  • Regulatory Applicability and Exemption Analysis
  • Site Inspection and Data Collection
  • Flow Modeling
  • SWP3 Plan Development
  • SWP3 Plan Review and Amendment
  • Defining Effective Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Inspection and Monitoring
  • Training