Environmental Permits and Audits

Air Permitting

• New Source Review Permits • Outer Continental Shelf Permits • PSD Permits • Operating Permits

Navigating the Clean Air Act (CAA) rule requires  experience with Federal, State and Local agency regulations; and in some cases, approved Tribe regulations.  RME  Safety and Environmental, LLC (RME) has the expertise to efficiently navigate  the intricacies of the CAA rule and the reputation to effectively communicate  with agencies.  RME provides air  permitting services across all phases of the air permitting process to its industrial clients and other engineering consultants.

       •      Regulatory Applicability and Exemption Analysis
       •      Permit Strategy Development
       •      Emissions Quantification
       •      Increment Analysis
       •      Air Permit Application Development
       •      Air Dispersion Modeling
       •      Risk Assessment
       •      Development of Compliance Management Tools
       •      Compliance Certification Assistance
       •      Pollution Control Design

NSR Permits are required for new or modified sources of air pollutants.

  • Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permits
           Required for new major sources or major  sources making a major modification in areas that meet the National  Ambient  Air Quality Standards  (NAAQS).
  • Title V Air Permits
            Required for new major sources or major sources making a major modifications.
  • Minor Source Permits
            Required for new sources of air pollutants that are not major. However, many state agencies require permit applications for minor sources that are as             complicated as for major sources.

Air Dispersion Modeling in Support of Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

  • Modeling offshore sources can be complex depending on the source location due to the presence of Class I Areas
  • Depending on the source emissions, it is sometimes necessary to use CALPUF
  • In other cases, OCD or AERMOD may be used

RME has completed hundreds of air permits and air dispersion modeling in many states across the U.S. and the Gulf of Mexico. RME has performed air permit services for a diveristy of industries including:

  • Fertilizer Retail
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Natural Gas Processing Facilities
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
  • Hazardous Waste Processing