Environmental Permits and Audits

Compliance Audits

• Multi-Media Environmental Audits • Responsible Ag Audits • OSHA

Environmental regulations can be a challenge to most any business because they are constantly changing at the Federal, State, and Local government levels.  Unless your business is staffed with an environmental regulatory expert or is represented by an association that is focused on regulatory matters for your industry, many businesses may not be aware of their environmental regulatory risk.

RME Safety and Environmental, LLC (RME) performs multi-media environmental compliance audits for customers across the U.S. and has experience in a variety of industries.  Our approach is to design the audit to address the client needs be it Corporate Standard, or Federal, State, and/or Local regulatory requirements.  We document findings of compliance and non-compliance and have experience with the EPA and State-specific audit privilege.

Multi-Media Compliance Audits:

  • Air Quality
  • Dust Hazard Analysis
  • Storm Water
  • Process Wastewater
  • Waste Management
  • SPCC
  • PSM
  • RMP
  • OSHA
  • FSMA
  • TRI

RME recently completed multi-media compliance audits addressing federal, state and local regulatory agencies for a company operating Chemical Manufacturing, Animal Feed Manufacturing, and Agriculture Fertilizer Distribution. RME performed multi-media compliance audits at 23 facilities across the U.S. Findings and recommendations were presented to the Chief Operating and Financial Officer. In some cases, the audit findings were used to obtain certification by accrediting authorities (i.e. Responsible Ag).